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Improving Our Customer Experience

ArachnoGear was founded on the principles of providing our customers with the best products available combined with the best product experience. Part of enhancing our customer experience was hiring a third-party warehousing and fulfillment (3PL) provider to handle inventory and order fulfillment. We originally hired this vendor to maintain a warehouse and fulfill orders from our system quickly with care and to ensure our packages would be properly shipped.

Unfortunately, there have been a few incidents lately that have come to our attention from customers. We have had numerous reports of packages being shipped without secured seams or end caps, damaged merchandise being sent, and also the significant delay recently with the processing of our latest prints. We take these complaints and incidents very seriously, as we know how inconvenient it can be to open a poster tube only to see a damaged product, or when evidence exists that something was carelessly packaged.

Today our team did an analysis of these incidents and their impact on our customer experience. After reviewing everything, we have decided to end our relationship with this provider. Instead, we are going to go back to fulfilling orders from our home office ourselves and invest in automation software to streamline the workflow of our order processing, including keeping metrics on shipping speeds. We have been looking at automation platforms for quite a while and finally found one that suits our needs.

We are going to be transitioning to our new fulfillment workflow over the next week or so. Part of this process is also going to involve analyzing our customer experience features and workflows. During this time, we have elected to temporarily close down our site while we implement these revisions and ensure we are ready.

Our customers come first, and we want everyone to have a great experience ordering from us. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on this matter.

We'll be back soon, better than ever. Thank you for sticking with us.

-Team ArachnoGear