How are damaged packages handled?

ArachnoGear packs items with care to the best of their ability. However, the risk of damage in transit is always prevalent. To reduce the risk of shipping damage to your item, first, select a shipping service that you know is reliable in your area. If one company’s employees tend to be careless with your packages, do not use them. You may be better off paying slightly more for a service that handles your package more carefully.

However, we know that incidents can happen. That is why we include, with all shipments, insurance provided by our shipping software provider EasyPost. To report a damaged shipment, you must submit a support ticket within 30 days of the item’s original ship date with photographic evidence of the damage. Failure to provide evidence will result in no compensation being provided. Also, you must hold on to the damaged packing and item until we advise that you can throw it away. Sometimes, shipping carriers will ask for the packaging and/or damaged items to be sent to them for analysis.

Upon claim approval from the shipping carrier (can take up to 30 days), we can either refund the value of the items that were damaged or ship you a replacement at no charge. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the original shipping charge as we are unable to recuperate that expense from the shipping carriers.