My package didn’t arrive! Tracking isn’t updated! Help!

If you selected a cheaper service for shipping, please note that extended package shipping times are expected. This is especially true if your package is an international shipment, where we have seen shipping times as long as two months. A tracking number is usually provided with shipments, but depending on the route your package takes, not every point may be scanned. Sometimes packages go through shipping consolidators, meaning that your package may go through one or more carriers before its final destination.

If your package is delayed, it could be for one or more of these reasons:

  1. It is being held for inspection by US Customs and Border Protection or the customs authority of your own country. Packages are frequently opened to have their contents examined for safety hazards and to determine potential taxes. These are sometimes marked in the tracking log for a package, but many times are not. Depending on your country, it may take weeks for a package to clear customs. For example, in Germany times of 6-8 weeks are not unheard of.
  2. There are taxes or tariffs due on the package. Many times, you will receive a postcard, letter, or email informing you of this. You may need to travel to your local shipping center to pay the amount due and pick up your package in person.
  3. Weather or other service delays. Cargo flights may be delayed or grounded completely due to weather, special events, or other conditions. Holidays can be especially tough in terms of delays, such as Chinese New Year, United States Thanksgiving, and other country-specific holidays.
  4. Vague address. If you have an international shipment, try to provide the most detailed address you can. If a package cannot be sorted automatically at a shipping center, it may have to be sorted by hand, which results in delays.

However, if it has been an extended period of time since your items shipped and you have not received updates, you can try to contact the shipping carrier for more information. You can also contact us at, but please be aware there is limited assistance we can provide.