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Poecilotheria Tarantula Genus 24×36 Poster


This poster features all available 14 Poecilotheria species in the hobby, including all the adult males, in a total of 30 stacked images! With over 650 Megapixels, this poster shows this genus with all the details it deserves and is the biggest, most advanced and detailed Poecilotheria poster ever made.

Tarantulas of the World V7 24×36 Poster


Cumulating the Tarantulas of the World poster series, this revised poster contains over 20 new species and 45 new images in the biggest update to the series ever! Featuring over 100 images and over 90 different species of tarantulas in stunning high-quality stacked photography. It’s the biggest and most detailed tarantula poster ever made, featuring a whole new production concept for the first time.

Theraphosidae Tarantulas Calendar 2018


People who love dogs purchase dog calendars. People who love beaches purchase beach calendars. People who work at companies may have a company-issued calendar. What about tarantula lovers? Now, thanks to the work of mygale, you can have your very own 2018 tarantula calendar! There are already plenty of calendars out there, so why should you buy this one?

Jumping Spider 11×17 Poster


Bring some cuteness to your room with this jumping spider poster! Its vibrant colors, large eyes, and expression beg you to take this poster home.